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Hi all!

So we’ve been around for a few weeks now. And we seem to be keeping up good momentum on the “just one thing” challenge posts, which makes me really happy. (Seriously: you guys are amazing.) But I have been thinking, and brainstorming somewhat with the lovely [personal profile] kaberett, about what else we could do as a community to help improve our self-esteem and beat down impostor syndrome?

I want this to be a discussion, not just a grand handing-down of stuff that’s going to happen from the mods, so I’m going to put the most important part of the post first:

What would help you?
What would help you to feel better about yourself and reduce the impact of impostor syndrome? What could we do here that would help you to feel:
* supported
* included
* safe
* confident
or any other helpful thing? What would you like to see here?

If you don’t want to read any of my ideas and suggestions below, feel free to ignore them - but either way I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d find useful!

So I do have some ideas that I’ve been turning around in my head for the last couple of weeks. I’ll put them in sections so it’s easier to read them.

Safer space
* I would like this to be a safer space for us to talk about difficult things if we want/need to
* To this end, I think safer space guidelines or Community Standards would be a good idea
* If possible, I’d like to crib them from somewhere, but I’m not sure where
* It might also be worth thinking about security settings, especially if we’re running a more sensitive challenge

Challenge ideas
I think we could run a variety of different challenges, perhaps instead of or alongside the Just One Thing posts. Here are some ideas:
* “Things this week”, maybe on a Sunday, where we could list all our accomplishments for the week, or talk about hard things, or some combination, and do the give-each-other-props (or a listening ear) thing
* Goals for the week/month, or just “Things I’m planning”, where we could comment with a bunch of goals and then perhaps have regular check-ins where we talk about our progress and stumbling blocks
* Mistakes we’ve made - not a blaming-ourselves thing, but a space where we can safely talk about mistakes, what contributed to them, how we fixed (or can fix) them, how we can figure out how to avoid them in the future. This could get quite emotionally intense, so it might be worth considering making these posts members-only so that the discussions aren’t available on the public internet.

Discussions and linkspams
* I think regular linkspams on topics of interest would be pretty cool, but I’m struggling to think of bunches of topics of interest, or good places to source articles. (Topic ideas: Impostor Syndrome? Mistakes? How to build a supportive culture/community? Self-care? Goal-setting?) Maybe we could have a “drop your links here” post and maybe get someone to curate the links into linkspams? Or something? I dunno.
* I’d also love to have some discussions about Impostor Syndrome and self-esteem and how it affects us. One topic I’d like to start a discussion on is how and in which areas we experience Impostor Syndrome and maybe we can figure out together what might be useful to combat it.
* Similarly it might be interesting to have a discussion on how we experience Impostor Syndrome in this comm! I know I do, and I’m probably not the only one. That could be a useful discussion.
* Another discussion post I’d like us to have is about how to figure out what’s realistic, and how to figure out whether or not we do measure up, and whether or not measuring up is important in a particular context.

Guest hosts, guest posts, and member posts
* Currently any member can post to the comm, which I’d like to keep, but we don’t have good guidelines for what we’d like to see you all post about! Ideas?
* It also might be fun to open the comm up to guest hosts, maybe for a week at a time. You could choose your own linkspam topic and run whatever challenges you felt would be useful. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll put together a scheduling posts.
* Similarly, if you have ideas for stuff you’d like to post to the comm as a guest poster, please let me know! This could be on your own personal experiences or on some wider topic relevant to the comm’s interests. My PM box is always open for this, or leave a comment on this post.

I think that’s it for now. Please do leave any thoughts, ideas or suggestions you have in the comments - any contribution is welcome! And if you’re feeling like your ideas aren’t good enough, feel free to approach me in private so that I can tell you that they are.


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