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Hi, folks, and a happy new year to you all!

It's Theme Week! And this week's theme is Goal Setting. I thought we would kick things off with a discussion post about goal-setting. It's timely, given that it's New Year, and I'm sure many of us are thinking about our goals for the coming twelve months, whether we're making resolutions or not.

So here are some questions to get discussion started. Feel free to answer (or just cogitate about) one or more of these goals. And our Just One Thing philosophy totally applies to this post - feel free to say one thing, make one point or even just one sentence. Every contribution is welcome!

* How do you set goals? Do you find the SMART framework works for you, or not? What's important to you when deciding what your goals are?
* What sorts of things do you tend to think about when you're planning how to achieve your goals?
* Do you spend any time on anticipating obstacles or figuring out how you're going to cope with problems? What do you find useful/not useful about such an approach?
* How do you decide what success will look like?
* How do you review the goals you've set? How do you decide when to review?
* Do you reward yourself for goals that you achieved? How you do treat yourself when you don't achieve a goal?

Feel free to share with us! I'll be sharing some thoughts of my own in the comments.


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